Symbio Company Overview

Beijing, China
Company Size
10,001 people Employees

Symbio is a global digital services company that helps companies build innovative software products and transformative digital services that connect, engage and amaze their customers. For over twenty years, Symbio has taken a customer-centric approach to unlock innovation and deliver exceptional products and service experience.

Embedded in its operational DNA, Symbio’s innovation and design thinking process goes beyond a problem-focused approach to deliver optimum design and functionality for organizations and its customers.

Through its Agility and DevOps capabilities, and deep expertise ranging from advisory to driving and implementing projects, Symbio not only equips its clients to deliver faster with Continuous Delivery, but also helps transform their internal culture to embrace continued innovation and agile development of new products.

In the emerging paradigm of Edge Computing, Symbio helps organizations with the cloud challenges of connectivity, latency, and compliance by designing software solutions that give them the Edge Computing capability they need.
Leveraging its decades of product and software engineering experience — from mobile to web, from embedded to cloud – Symbio has designed and delivered hundreds of successful and innovative digital solutions for clients globally.

With today’s increasingly sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, one key advantage is leveraging AI-driven technology to lower costs, drive innovation, and improve productivity. Take Contact Center AI. As Symbio works with organizations in revisiting their contact center strategies, it develops new insights that allow clients to see and use contact center initiatives differently – from a revenue-draining cost center to a strong revenue-building channel.

In the world of IoT (Internet of Things), where everything is digital – “smart” watches, “smart” cars, even “smart” furniture — the technology behind it all — embedded software development is at Symbio’s core. Symbio’s embedded software can be found in demanding environments across diverse industries – its extensive experience in co-creating embedded software for large and small devices, ranges from small wearables and mobile devices to mining equipment and industrial machines weighing several tons.

Ensuring ‘Transformative Digital Services’ to connect, engage, and amaze customers, Symbio’s innovative testing and testing automation solutions help its customers deliver complex software solutions across multi-device, multi-platform and multi-lingual environments. Since its inception in 1994, Symbio has focused on Quality Assurance and Software Testing, and has grown exponentially into a full-fledged IT service company over the years.

With customers across APAC, Europe, and Americas, Symbio uses a holistic approach to software testing. With its proven capabilities and decades of experience, Symbio consistently looks for novel ways to incrementally improve their clients’ businesses to ensure quality testing.

Symbio’s globalization and localization experts provide the best-in-class tailor-made solutions for their customers’ international marketing needs. Whether they are launching a small-scale product to localize for a selected market or a full-scale software platform to localize in 80+ languages, Symbio has globalization/localization solution.

Some of the key differentiators that make Symbio stand out are:
- Symbio’s Design Sprint, its unique innovation-driven process drawn from creative strategies developed at Stanford University and Google.
- Symbio’s Experience – leveraged by decades of product and software engineering experience — from mobile to web, from embedded to cloud — to design and deliver hundreds of successful and innovative digital solutions for clients worldwide.
- Symbio’s Holistic Mindset – Symbio gets to know its clients, not just the single need, but to uncover hidden opportunities for greater functionality and profitability.
- Symbio’s Partnering Approach – Learning from and working closely together with its customers, partners, and the larger developer community to provide its clients the best-designed, most timely, and successful solution.

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