Aden Services Company Overview

Shanghai, China
Company Size

As a SMART Facility Management specialist with deep roots across Asia, ADEN is always at the leading edge of technological development. ADEN is a major innovator in the SMART Integrated Facility Management services industry. Founded by French entrepreneur Joachim Poylo in 1997, ADEN maintains its headquarters in China. Over our more than 20 years of experience in the Integrated Facility Management Industry, ADEN has built a continuously-expanding team of 26,000 employees in 25 countries around the world. ADEN has operations in more than 70 cities in China, as well as a wide ranging global presence in South-East Asia, Central Asia, and Africa. Clients of all sizes, including many listed on the Fortune 500, Forbes Global 2000, FTSE100, and CAC40 count on ADEN for strategic solutions and comprehensive support for their operations across a wide range of industries. ADEN is currently operating on over 1,500 sites.

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