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Job Summary


Hangzhou Zhejiang, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
Competitive Salary

Job Reference Code

PYP Homeroom Teacher

Posted 11 days ago
Hangzhou Zhejiang, China

About Company:

Wahaha Schools consist of Wahaha International School (WIS) and Wahaha Bilingual School (WBS), both located in the historic and picturesque city of Hangzhou, China. Our mission has always been to provide a superior international educational experience for elementary and secondary school aged students utilizing the best of Eastern and Western instructional practices, rooted in the inquiry and exploratory methods of teaching and learning. It is our goal to prepare each of our students to be a life-long learner equipped with the skills necessary to be a responsible global citizen in the 21st Century. At Wahaha Schools, we enroll a diverse group of students, in the belief that our students benefit from interacting with children of various talents and backgrounds.

Job Profile:

-Salary:19K-42K (pre tax)

Job Details:

Recruitment Criteria:

1. Native English Speaker for English Language Teacher (US/UK/Canada/New Zealand/Australia/Ireland);

2. Bachelor or above;

3. Related Major graduate, for example, Kindergarten teacher should be ECE major, English teacher should be English Literature major, Homeroom Teacher should be primary education major etc.;

4. Having more than 3 years international/bilingual school teaching experience, experience in training center will not be accepted, detailed experience requirement will be decided by Principals based on needs

5. Holding Teachers Credential in their home countries or in US/UK/Canada/New Zealand/Australia/Ireland such as US Teachers’ Credential in a certain state or PGCE etc.;

6. Demo teaching performance

7. Good tracking record based on reference check results;

8. IB certified subject teachers preferred for Wahaha International School.


1. Baggage allowance Pre-tax or by Fapiao:

From cities outside of Hangzhou: RMB 1500; From overseas location: RMB 3000

2. Airfare (Per 2-year contract) :

A maximum of RMB 10,000 pre-tax or reimbursement (and RMB 20,000 for teacher with 1 or 2 dependent children. )

3. Visa fee: For Employee (himself/herself) and maximum 2 children

4. Monthly Housing Allowance: RMB 8,000 (without dependents) ; RMB 10,500 (with 1 or 2 dependent children)

5. Renewal Payment, Professional development subsidy (PD) and Contract

6. Free Lunch provided by School

7. Medical Insurance

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