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Job Summary

Wahaha International School​

Hangzhou Zhejiang, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
Competitive Salary

Years of Experience
Experienced(2-5 Years)

Job Reference Code

Primary Years Programme Teacher

Posted 18 days ago
Wahaha International School
Hangzhou Zhejiang, China

About Company:

Wahaha International School’s mission is to educate, empower and encourage students to become caring, confident, and responsible global citizens and life-long learners.

WIS implements with fidelity and rigor a full English language academic program that develops strong speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in our students. English is the language of science, computers, diplomacy, and more, and knowing English increases future opportunities.

English is the language of international communication and when any student learns more than one language, they acquire better cognitive reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Job Profile:

This role reports to Curriculum Director, Vice Principal, and Principal, and works collaboratively with Principal, Vice Principal, Curriculum Director, administration and support staff, teaching teams, IB Coordinators, Student

Job Details:

Child Protection


Wahaha International School (WIS) is committed to the safeguarding and well-being of all children and young adults and we expect all staff to have the same commitment. Safe recruitment practice and pre-employment background checks will be undertaken before any appointment is confirmed. Appointment is subject to a criminal/police or equivalent background.


Description of the Role


The teacher has the responsibility for delivering a high-quality teaching and learning programme, providing a safe, caring and inspiring learning environment and for modelling the WIS mission in their work.


While teachers have primary responsibility for the children in their classes, they are also responsible for the care and safety of all students in the School.


Teachers who work for WIS are responsible for creating a conceptual, contextual and inquiry-based learning environment where students can demonstrate thoughtful and ethical behaviour and ensure that the values and principles of the IB Learner profile are at the heart of learning and relationships in the School. Teachers will support the philosophy of holistic education through their work at the school and contribute to extracurricular, community and service activities.




(1) Teachers plan using the designated WIS Curriculum, contemporary strategies, resources and evidence of learning to meet the needs of all students.

(2) Collaborates and co-plans all teaching units with teaching teams, and single subject teachers, as necessary

(3) Uses the IB unit planning template on ManageBac.

(4) From formative and summative assessments, uses evidence of student learning to guide planning and to differentiate instruction

(5) Participate in the implementation and review of the curriculum




(1) Effectively engages students in learning by using a variety of contemporary teaching strategies in order to meet individual learning needs.

(2) Facilitates learning through a range of strategies, in individual, small and large group settings in a positive and differentiated climate of instruction

(3) Works closely with their teaching team to ensure effectiveness of the delivery of the teaching and learning programme.

(4) Builds upon students’ existing knowledge and skills

(5) Uses a variety of resources

(6) Uses digital integration/learning technology and innovation to support and enhance student learning

(7) Communicates clearly and checks for understanding

(8) Participates in reflection discussions at the end of units of inquiry and provides feedback for curriculum review

(9) Integrates Approaches to Learning (ATL) and future ready skills within their teaching and support students in their skill development

(10) Where appropriate, alert students to opportunities to undertake meaningful service learning




(1) Establishes an inspiring, respectful, positive, safe student-centered environment that is conducive to learning.

(2) Promotes the IB Learner Profile in all teaching and learning

(3) Ensures the classroom physical layout maximizes learning and collaboration while providing a safe environment

(4) Establishes clear expectations, with student input, for classroom essential agreements and monitors them consistently and fairly

(5) Maximizes learning time and minimizes disruptions

(6) Establishes a climate of trust and teamwork by being fair, consistent, caring, respectful and enthusiastic

(7) Respects students’ diversity, including language, culture, race, gender and learning needs




(1) Systematically gathers, analyses and uses evidence of learning to measure student progress, guides teaching and learning and provides timely feedback.

(2) Uses pre-assessment information to guide planning and teaching

(3) Aligns student assessment with expected learning outcomes and the school’s assessment policy

(4) Develops and uses a variety of formative and summative assessment strategies to guide teaching and learning, and cater for individual student needs.

(5) Gives constructive, honest and regular feedback to students on their learning

(6) Regularly communicates with parents and students on student learning progress and adheres to school procedures for assessment and reporting.

(7) Uses the school’s student information system to keep records and to facilitate communication



(1) Maintains a commitment to professional ethics, international mindedness, and the school’s mission and core values; and takes responsibility for professional learning that results in enhancement of student learning.

(2) Positive representative in the community by reflecting the values of the Guiding Statements (mission, vision and core values)

(3) Supports and upholds all school policies

(4) Positively collaborates and communicates effectively and appropriately within the school community

(5) Participates as required in the preparation for IB authorisations and evaluations, as well as for accreditation visits.

(6) Takes on ad hoc tasks as directed by the Principal.




(1) High level of organizational ability

(2) Past demonstration of initiative

(3) Ability to work cooperatively within a team atmosphere

(4) Ability to establish effective working relationships with staff, students and parents

(5) Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

(6) Ability to manage change effectively and collaboratively

(7) Confident and competent English language skills




(1) Comprehensive understanding of contemporary teaching and learning theories and practice

(2) Broad knowledge of school section curriculum

(3) Practical understanding of collaborative planning

(4) Practical knowledge of Technology and Information Literacy

(5) Demonstrate understanding of the relevant IB Programme and/or an inquiry, concept driven approach to teaching and learning

(6) Practical knowledge of assessment for learning




(1) At least 2 years successful experience as a classroom or single subject/specialist teacher, preferably in an IB or inquiry based setting

(2) International experience is preferred but not essential

(3) Awareness of students’ age appropriate developmental needs and learning capacities



(1) Enthusiastic about working within a blended language environment that includes both Chinese and English languages

(2) Has a growth mindset attitude

(3) Ability to work well with different cultural backgrounds and diverse perspectives

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