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Job Summary


Jiaxing Zhejiang, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
16,000 - 28,000 RMB/Month

Job Reference Code

PYP Homeroom Teacher

Posted 10 days ago
Jiaxing Zhejiang, China

About Company:

Peking University Experimental School (Jiaxing)is an international new model of school serving students from kindergarten through Grade 12. The school is jointly founded by Beida Jade Culture and Education Group and Jiaxing Economic Development Zone. The school is located at Jiaxing International Business Zone, covering an area of 100,000 square meters, with120,000 square meters of construction area, and it has the capacity to accommodate up to 3000 students. The school has officially started to operate in September, 2016.

Job Profile:

●Working hours: 24
●2-4 lessons of extra-curricular activities per week (60 min per lesson)

Job Details:

Responsibilities include:


Grade 5 English, Math and Science Teacher

Curriculum Design and Merging:

• Managing the classrooms effectively including maintaining good student discipline and supporting the discipline standards and rules of the School

• Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a range of classes and age groups

• Instructing English classes to groups of up to 24 students using a variety of active and engaging teaching strategies/learning activities and student assessment methods

• Introducing and improve reading, writing, and speaking skills of students of diverse backgrounds in English; students should learn English grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills

• Preparing and setting tests, examination papers and exercises

• Deal with curricular matters at PYP level.

• Marking and providing appropriate feedback on oral and written work

• Attending and contributing to training sessions;

• Basic administration, such as keeping student registers and attendance records.

• Creates a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity, interest and abilities of students and provides emotional support

• Contributing to the School’s ASA program

• Provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment that encourages student responsibility and incorporates challenging instructional strategies

• Deal with curricular matters at PYP level.

• Collaborate with Homeroom teacher about lesson plans, cultural sensitivity, and diverse resources

• Help to create a whole school atmosphere where diverse cultures are welcomes and explored to enhance the learning of all students


Native speakers must

Teaching certificates: teaching licenses, TEFL, TESOL or related

At least 2 years related teaching experience


Salary package:16-28k RMB after tax monthly

Housing allowance: a 2500 rmb allowance monthly, school can help find apartments

Fully-paid summer holiday & winter holiday

Free meals Mon-Fri

Airfare reimbursement of 12,000 annually, one round trip, economy class

Settling allowance of 6500, first year only

Moving allowance of 3000, after completion of 2 -year contract

Retention bonus of 8000 for another 2 year or 4000 for one year

Private health insurance, the Greater China plan

A maximum of reimbursement of RMB 1000 for visa costs with obtaining the initial work visa before entering China, and costs for health check and residence permit in China

A maximum of reimbursement of RMB 2000 for visa costs pertaining to the teacher’s non-teaching legal spouse and/or dependents.

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