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Job Summary


Shanghai, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
Competitive Salary

Job Reference Code

Game Live Broadcast

Posted 15 days ago
Shanghai, China

About Company:

Founded in 2015, ONEMT has been on the forefront of the game development industry, starting from humble beginnings and evolving into a leading developer of mobile games.A powerhouse in the Middle-East, and now rapidly expanding into the global market, ONEMT has a diverse portfolio of games to offer and more to come.The goal at ONEMT has always been to create fun, unique games to help diversify and enrich the global gaming community. With strong teams working tirelessly in development, operations, and customer service, ONEMT is well-positioned to reach their goal and make a lasting impact on mobile gaming for years to come.

Job Profile:

We are looking for Game Live Broadcast(US/CAN/UK/Australia/NZ-EN1stLang/European).

Job Details:


  1. Be familiar with and deeply understand the company's game products, continue to experience the game and master the game;
  2. Be responsible for the company's game live broadcast, user-oriented service and solve user’s needs;
  3. Observe and collect feedback from users, gradually improve user’s satisfaction;
  4. Support daily game localization needs in Europe and America (can advise on European and American culture, customs, user preferences) and basic user maintenance, such as Discord management.
  1. Native English speakers, basic Chinese language skills are preferred ;
  2. Interested in games, have certain game hobby experience is preferred ;
  3. Cheerful personality, patient; quick thinking, responsive ;
  4. Strong language skills, good at communication and listening.
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