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Job Summary


Shanghai, China​

Job Type
Contract (2+ years)

Pay Rate
30,000 - 50,000 RMB/Month

Job Reference Code

Data Scientist

Posted on Dec 20, 2019
Shanghai, China

About Company:

AnyHelper was founded in 2016 and launched the first real-time Q&A system in WeChat which aims to help foreigners in China. In less than three years, this platform has helped over 500,000 foreigners and has solved over 1,000,000 questions in different fields.

Job Profile:

Our client is an Asia Pacific based startup with technical expertise in Blockchain. They develop decentralized applications for enterprise to solve pressing real-world problems.

Job Details:
Job Descriptions:
  • Work with the engineering team to process, cluster, visualize and analyze the entire bitcoin transaction data (>500M tx, 40M+ wallets)
  • Cache the graph in adequate DB structure and updating connected edges using dynamic programming (other approaches are welcome, too)

Job Requirements:
  • Understand how to handle large amounts of data (e.g., lookup on >200GB files)
  • Interested in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Computer Science background, critical thinking
  • A good understanding of graph representations, and have handled graphs before
  • Understand written English
  • Expert of python, C++, pandas, matplotlib, numpy
  • Expert of MapreduceMongoldbRocksDB
  • Be familiar with SQL
  • Have experience in algorithmic optimization to handle large batch processing tasks (for example, dynamic programming for propagation of tasks)
  • Experienced with cloud (Google cloud, AWS, Alicloud, etc)
  • Understand the Bitcoin UTXO transaction model
  • Good speaking English

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