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Job Summary

HD Beijing School​

Beijing, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
Competitive Salary

Years of Experience
Experienced(2-5 Years)

Job Reference Code

Principal for Primary School

Posted on Feb 23, 2022
HD Beijing School
Beijing, China

Job Profile:

We are hiring a Principal for the bilingual primary school in Beijing.

Job Details:
Core Purpose
  • Help establish the rise in students' attainment over future years; 
  • Help to significantly build student numbers, strengthen the curriculum offered and the quality of teaching; 
  • Strengthen levels of attendance and behavior management; 
  • Maximize the performance of all students through high-quality care and support and learning and teaching which motivates, challenges and empowers; 
  • Develop a relevant, personalized western & Chinese primary curriculum; 
  • Develop high-quality academic options by working collaboratively with other schools and education partners; 
  • Actively promote, strengthen and nurture the school ethos and values, and ensuring that integrity, compassion, and tolerance are evident throughout the school community; 
  • Effectively contribute to the relationships between the Board, the Group Academic Director, the Head of School and Western/Chinese staff; 
  • Assist the Head in developing in all students and staff the versatile skills and attitudes required for lifelong learning in a rapidly changing world; 
  • Create an innovative place of learning and develop the school as a wider resource offering a diverse range of extended and wrap-around services; 
  • Play a major part in the boarding life of the School, including evening duties/activities. 

Key Responsibilities
1. To contribute, along with the Head, to the strategic and operational direction of the school through a rigorous process of strategic planning and self-evaluation of all aspects of the school’s work. 

This will involve: 
Agreeing and meeting strategic targets and key performance measures in consultation with the School Head, and the Board; 
Establishing a robust and rigorous process of ongoing review and sustainable improvement in all aspects of the school; 

2. In partnership with the Head, leading the school’s education work with enthusiasm, setting high professional standards and ensuring that the education vision is clearly articulated, shared, understood and demonstrated by all staff and students – in particular the western & Chinese academic staff; 

3. Ensuring that best interests of students and their learning sits at the heart of all decision-making;

4. Ensuring the School’s leadership and organizational structures are fit for purpose, facilitating continuous improvement and optimizing the benefits of being the primary school in China;

5. Assisting the Head in deploying all resources, including staff and delegated financial resources, so that the school’s vision is delivered. 

This will include: 
  • Managing and regularly reviewing the use of available resources, including human resources, so as to improve student's learning and achievement; 
  • Assisting in recruiting and retaining high caliber and appropriately qualified staff; 
  • Assisting the Head with maintaining effective financial control, securing value for money and managing within agreed budgets; 
  • Assisting the Head in ensuring that all financial management activities comply with the appropriate accounting standards; 
  • Maximizing opportunities to improve the financial and other resources of the School; 
  • Assisting the Head in providing regular management information to the Board covering the financial performance of the school; 
  • Assisting the Head in providing regular management information to the Board covering the academic & examinations performances of the School; 
  • Assisting the Head in ensuring the maintenance of the School’s physical infrastructure and that it meets all legislative requirements. 

6. Leading, motivating, supporting, challenging and developing the western & Chinese teaching team and through them all staff, providing effective induction, continuing professional development and performance management in line with the School’s strategic plans. 

7. Assist the Head in ensuring staff accountabilities are clearly defined, understood and agreed and are subject to rigorous appraisal, review and evaluation. 

8. Assist the Head in securing and sustaining effective inclusive learning and teaching and in particular to: 
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets statutory requirements and the School’s education vision, including the use of PBL alongside more ‘traditional’ teaching methods for both Western & Chinese primary curriculum; 
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning and standards of achievement; 
  • Ensure ICT and other suitable technologies are innovatively and appropriately utilized to enhance the learning and teaching experience and operational effectiveness of the school; 
  • In partnership with the expat teaching team members and Leadership Team, ensure that there is an effective individual student assessment, recording and reporting system; 
  • Develop and apply strategies that promote high standards of behavior and attendance; 
  • Contribute to the School’s extra-curricular program and Boarding systems;
  • Ensure that the School has effective pastoral policies and practices covering a broad range of pupil and staff welfare matters. 
9. Working in partnership with parents/carers, the community, other schools and in particular Chinese feeder schools, colleges, businesses and other stakeholders to enhance and enrich the school and ensure the academic, moral, social and emotional well-being of students and their families. 

10. To lead the school's delivery of western & Chinese primary curriculum in a unique bi-cultural manner, utilizing PBL and ‘traditional’ teaching techniques to deliver the highest quality examination results with either Edexcel or Cambridge examination boards. 

1. Be motivated to develop a learning community of both students and their teachers. 
2. Hold a good honors degree and a teaching qualification in Primary / Early Years or Secondary 
3. Have successful teaching experience within a primary school or middle school setting. 
4. Experience of / interest in Project-Based Learning will be an advantage. 
5. Understand the process of learning and can provide a stimulating and appropriate learning experience to their students within a bi-cultural Primary environment. 
6. Have resilience, motivation and the capacity for hard work and ready to lead teachers in the school, reporting to the headmaster. 
7. Be adventurous and self-starting, as well as a finisher. 
8. Be willing to organize and/or participate in extracurricular events that might occasionally include evenings and weekends. 
9. Believe in the concept that every teacher is an English teacher within a bi-cultural environment. 
10. Be a creative thinker, able to adapt to a different cultural environment with sensitivity, energy and enthusiasm. 
11. Deputizing for the Head in his/her absence and leading the pastoral tutors as required. 
12. Offer extracurricular activities within the school day in addition to delivering up to 10 hours of teaching each week. 
13. Occasionally contribute to evening homework and dormitory duty roles within the whole-School if applicable in that school 
14. Be committed to the school House system that fosters the development of each student and provides opportunities for the development of team working and leadership skills. 
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