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Job Summary

DDPAI(Shenzhen)Technology Holdings Limited​

Guangdong, China​

Job Type
Contract (2+ years)

Pay Rate
Competitive Salary

Job Reference Code

Social Media Operation

DDPAI(Shenzhen)Technology Holdings Limited
Guangdong, China

About Company:


Job Profile:

Responsible for user feedback on social media platforms; Cooperate with the sales department in business promotion, such as overseas media communication, translation, etc.; Complete other matters arranged by the superior.

Job Details:
1. Responsible for the management and maintenance of the company's overseas social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and professional BBS accounts; increased the number of followers by planning and writing content, and enhanced the activity of fan interaction and BBS participation;
2. Responsible for the content and data analysis of the accounts operated, and continuously optimize the pages;
3. Keep track of competitors' social media operations and output relevant reports;

1. Cet-8 or cet-6, excellent written English, overseas studying experience and foreigners  is preferred;
2. Have experience in maintaining overseas social media platforms and be familiar with overseas social media platforms;
3. Good understanding and communication skills, proactive and creative;
4. Excellent graphic editing ability;
5. Good at analyzing and processing information and data.

Required Languages
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