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Job Summary

ELoan Lending Investors Corp.​

Manila, Philippines​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
Competitive Salary

Years of Experience
Entry Level(0-2 Years)

Job Reference Code

Customer Service Supervisor

Posted on Jul 31, 2019
ELoan Lending Investors Corp.
Manila, Philippines

About Company:

ELoan is a big data-driven Digital Lending Company. Cooperating with local partners, we provide customized and personalized online financial services and products to Filipinos. With the most advanced data and internet technology, ELoan has developed a reliable risk-management system to optimize user experience and data security. We are committed to becoming the leading digital lending company connecting users and our partners.

Job Profile:

Customer Service Supervisor with a big data-driven Digital Lending Company. The position is based in Manila, Philippines.

Job Details:


1. Basic customer service docking, complete the evaluation, screening and distribution of customer automatic consulting queues;

2. Able to gradually improve efficiency and grow through on-the-job experience;

3. Providing advice and answers to customers, forming a QA list/forming QA lists in the process of operation;

4. Make a good customer service and channel service through online communication channels, and form standardized service process;

5. Respond to users' needs and problems in a timely fashion and efficiently help users solve problems encountered in the process of using the system;

6. Responsible for customers' visits and understanding of customer situation;

7. Have a good sense of service and work patiently and meticulously.


1. Bachelor degree or above; more than one year customer service experience, excellent customer relationship management skills, customer service or sales working experience is preferred;

2. Advanced English reading and communication skills, basic Mandarin communication skills preferred. Basic EXCEL and WORD operation skills;

3. Excellent expression ability, quick thinking, good sales skills;

4. Strong sense of service and responsibility, enthusiasm, patience, and ability to work under pressure;

5. Positive thinking and challenge-taking character, strong sense of objective and team spirit.

Salary: 15000-18000 PHP/month

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