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Job Summary


Guiyang Guizhou, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
16,000 - 18,000 RMB/Month

Years of Experience
Experienced(2-5 Years)

Job Reference Code

ESL/ELA Teacher

Posted on Jun 19, 2022
Guiyang Guizhou, China

About Company:

We successively in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Guiyang, Chongqing, Wuhan, Qingdao, Tianjin, Beijing, Suzhou, Taiyuan, Nanchang, Dalian and other places set up 12 elementary schools, 2, 9, 10 junior high school, high school international school, five international division, 2 college preparatory program and nearly 50 for kindergarten, with more than 40000 students.

Job Profile:

ESL/ELA teachers are core positions in International Department, therefore have to well understand the Mission & the Aim of school. Teachers have the abilities to take all measures to make sure of the success of teaching and learning in International Studies Department based on students' level and Michigan HS Graduation Requirement.

Job Details:


1. Assume teacher responsibilities including classroom instruction, homeroom mentor, product team advisor, co-curricular sponsor, and curriculum development.

2. Work school calendar of 190-200 student days, longer school day of 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and teacher calendar of 200-210 days. (Exact days of school should be in accordance with the school calendar.)

3. Weekly classroom instructional period will be approximately 24 teaching hours with 40-50 minutes per period.

4. Support enrichment programs.

5. Participate in required teacher training.

6. Develop school curriculum and start-up components.
7. Support an international focus across the curriculum, cross-disciplinary planning and
inquiry based learning within a block schedule.
8. Meet instructional and compliance requirements of the Sino-Australian International High School program.


Core Competency:


-  Be familiar with ESL/ELA course

-  Be familiar with teaching aim, content, and requirement of subjects taught


-  Master academic standards and requirements of different grades in US & China
-  Be familiar with US High School curriculum aim, requirements and contents

Functional Competency:


- Integration of ESL course and subject knowledge


-  Rich teaching experience on relevant subjects
-  Abilities to integrate and utilize teaching resource



- Have the ability of integration and application of Chinese and overseas English curriculum resources

-  Computer skills to meet the requirement
-  Have the abilities of organization, management, communication, and co ordination


-  Effective time management ability and multi-task ability
-  Effective cooperation relationship with superior and all colleagues



-  Be familiar with curriculum design of different levels


-  Know US curriculum at different levels, IB, or other international education system
-  Have the knowledge of relevant law or regulation of teaching management

Relevant Experience:


-  Have teaching experience on ESL or relevant subjects
-  Master the integrated teaching method of ESL and other subjects

-  3 years of relevant teaching experience in international schools or organizations
-  have the knowledge of Chinese & US curriculum design and how US curriculum could be applied in China

Educational Background:


-  Bachelor degree or above
-  Teaching/Curriculum preferred

-  Master degree or above
-  Teaching/Curriculum preferred

Professional Qualifications:


-  TEFLTESOTESL certificate
-  Relevant qualification required


-  Teacher license from an English speaking country


Basic salary 15-18k + Housing and flight allowance

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