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Job Summary

Foreign HR​

Beijing, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
10,000 - 14,000 RMB/Month

Job Reference Code

Advertising placement optimizer Japanese market-OPL

Posted 3 days ago
Foreign HR
Beijing, China

About Company:

This company is the largest internet company in Shaanxi Province, the only high technology company in Yan'an City, and one of the key enterprises supported by Yan'an. It has been focusing on providing high-quality mobile game content users domestically and abroad and intends to create the world's leading interactive entertainment brand. Meanwhile, it has created an internet culture with Chinese characteristics. It is China's largest cultural export enterprise in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, and Southeast Asia and has been awarded Google Play’s Best Going-Abroad Case in Asia and Facebook’s Top 50 Going-Abroad Enterprises on Facebook.

It has fully integrated its powerful operating system, comprehensive marketing capability, and superior technical advantages to establish an excellent agency distribution reserve and research & development system. Its products include Crisis Action series, We Dance, We Race, King of Warship, Utopia: Origin, Art of War: Red Tide, NBA LIVE, etc. It’s number of registered users worldwide has reached 400 million.

Job Profile:

1. Responsible for the company's product delivery and effect optimization on Twitter, Facebook, Google Adwords, and other advertising platforms;
2. Improve the promotion effect of overseas products, optimize according to the effect of channel data, and effectively control the promotion cost; Optimize user recovery
3. Developed brief for advertising ideas, planned creative test and PDCA optimization
4. Regularly tested the advertising effect, sorted out and analyzed data, output relevant data reports, evaluated the effect of promotion channels, and provided data support for new marketing plans;
5. Make overall planning and implementation of promotion plans for overseas products on relevant platforms (user survey, traffic evaluation, creative design, advertisement release, data monitoring, release effect analysis, etc.);
6. Communicate and coordinate advertising schedules of various platforms, and strive for corresponding resources for advertising promotion.

Job Details:

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than one year's experience in advertising platform optimization, and participated in the release of 1 or 2 games;

Japanese language ability is a plus;

2. Pay attention to the game industry, love games, deeply experienced more than two games and have a unique understanding;

3. Familiar with the operating rules and characteristics of overseas mainstream advertising platforms, understand the focus of overseas users, and be able to put forward creative design points;

4. Sensitive to data, familiar with the data tracking mechanism of mobile internet in an overseas environment, good at using excel and other analysis software, able to quickly find problems in data and solve them timely;

5. Have strong analysis and summary ability, be skilled in using various data analysis methods and tools, form the corresponding methodology, and output results to the team.

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