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Job Summary

Foreign HR​

Beijing, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
20,000 - 40,000 RMB/Month

Years of Experience
Experienced(5-10 Years)

Job Reference Code

Project Manager-Korean

Posted on Dec 03, 2021
Foreign HR
Beijing, China

Job Profile:

We are hiring a Korean Project Manager who can speak fluent Chinese.

Job Details:

Job Description:

1. Review the decoration construction organization design according to the general construction schedule approved by the company, and be responsible for the preparation of the on-site construction schedule of the project to ensure the completion of the project schedule;

2. Effectively organize and control the construction site, control the construction progress and monitor the construction quality involved in all aspects of the project;

3. Strictly supervise and control the decoration technology operation during the implementation of engineering projects, check whether the construction and design requirements are consistent in the construction process, and ensure the final effect of the design scheme;

4. Fully responsible for communicating with party A and Party B and other parties to solve all kinds of problems on the construction site and timely report and solve problems on the construction site;

5. Strictly supervise the construction quality of the project and be responsible for the safe and civilized construction on site according to the contract, regulations and requirements of design drawings;

6. Responsible for solving problems related to engineering expertise in change and negotiation;

7. Strictly control the project cost, construction safety and construction technology, and control the project costs such as materials, labor and administrative expenses;

8. Organize and handle engineering change, budget adjustment, claim and other related basic work, cooperate with the company to do the inspection and valuation work, to ensure that the cost control target and profit of decoration engineering project are achieved;

9. Participate in the acceptance and completion acceptance of decoration engineering at various stages and handle relevant procedures.


What we expect:


1. Bachelor degree or above in construction, civil engineering or related major;

2. At least 5 years of experience in site construction management of large construction projects and comprehensive project management, or at least 5 independent construction decoration projects;

3. Strong construction control ability, familiar with cost control, contract management and strong decision-making, organization, coordination and problem solving ability;

4. Proficient in construction technology, rich experience in site construction, excellent management ability and organizational ability;

5. Be able to go on business trips for projects at any time;

Senior Engineer and First-class construction engineer certificate, second-class construction engineer certificate is preferred, or relevant certificates obtained in South Korea are also acceptable.


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