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Job Summary

N 1​

Hangzhou Zhejiang, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
28,000 - 32,000 RMB/Month

Years of Experience
Experienced(Non-Manager, 2+Years)

Job Reference Code

Business Manager

N 1
Hangzhou Zhejiang, China

About Company:

Founded in 2010, N1 Holdings is a web and mobile game developer, distributor, publisher and operator aiming at global markets. Our company offers three types of self-owned web and mobile games, including IP-based, licensed and causal web games to our users, and licenses them to third parties.

Our IP-based game business is growing rapidly. We keep up with the latest trend in online gaming industry and are able to identify potential IPs that can be adapted into web or mobile games. We have acquired the game development rights for several famous IPs and have created games based on popular TV series, animated films and animated TV series. So far, we have acquired game development rights for multiple IPs in the US and Japan, such as My Hero Academy and Star Trek. Our intellectual property portfolio includes game development rights for eight IPs. We also license IP game-related rights to third parties for distribution and operation in markets such as Russia, France and Japan.

Job Profile:

Business Manager, game IP, development, maintenance and management related, 3 years’ experience in animation, games, and the film IP business, proficient in Japanese & Chinese or Japanese & English.

Job Details:

Job Description:

1.Focus on IP industry trends, making plans for IP incubation, film - game and manga - game combined cooperation according to the company's needs.

2.Introducing IP, conducting independent business negotiation, schedule planning, and project management, etc.

3.Responsible for the development, maintenance and management of KA customers, and promoting the cooperation with IP holders.

4.Introducing domestic and international film and TV dramas, animation and other IPs that are suitable for game adaptations, and carrying out copyright business cooperation.

5.Monitoring IP introduction and cooperation, effectively integrating and exchanging corresponding resources, enhancing product and brand awareness.

Job Requirements:

1.More than 3 years of experience in animation, games, and the film IP business;

2.Proficient in Japanese & Chinese or Japanese & English. Japanese or immigrants gaining permanent residency in Japan are preferred;

3.More than 1 year of team management experience; Working Location: Tokyo, Japan

Salary: Negotiable

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