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Job Summary

Foreign HR​

Zhengzhou Henan, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
Competitive Salary

Years of Experience
Experienced(5-10 Years)

Job Reference Code

Industrial Designer-Furniture

Posted on Nov 03, 2021
Foreign HR
Zhengzhou Henan, China

About Company:

We are a Global E-Commerce Furniture Brands

Job Profile:

We are hiring European Industrial Designers.

Job Details:
1. According to the company's development strategy and annual business plan, formulate and implement the annual work plan, furniture product design plan, and design plan for furniture product research and development, and unify the brand tone;
2. Research the overseas market environment and consumption direction of furniture products, and deeply explore the market demand for furniture products;
3. Lead the team to develop furniture products, and collaborate with the marketing team to create market-competitive products;
4. Coordinate and arrange design and R&D work, supervise and manage the operation of various design work, and guide the work of various projects and design leaders;
5. Cooperate with the factory to assist in solving technical problems in the production process of the product;
6. Improve department staff structure, staffing and job responsibilities, work flow and technical management system.

1. Bachelor degree, design or engineering related majors, more than 8 years of product management or product development experience in the furniture and home furnishing industry;
2. Familiar with the production process and technical characteristics of furniture, understand the styles and characteristics of domestic and foreign furniture, and be familiar with the development trends and trends of domestic and foreign furniture markets;
3. Have excellent overall management capabilities, and have forward-looking systematic thinking on product development prospects and R&D positioning;
4. With an international vision, able to communicate in daily work in Chinese and English, with high design aesthetics and good communication and expression skills.
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