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Job Summary

Foreign HR​

Qingdao Shandong, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
30,000 - 30,000 RMB/Month

Years of Experience
Experienced(2-5 Years)

Job Reference Code

Industrial Designer

Posted on Feb 17, 2022
Foreign HR
Qingdao Shandong, China

About Company:

One of the first state-level innovative enterprises and home of China’s state-level pilot research and development centers. The products are exported to over 130 countries and regions around the world, including multimedia, home appliances, communications, intelligent information systems, smart system, refrigeration equipment, etc. They have R&D centers in Qingdao, Shenzhen, Shunde, Beijing, the United States, and Europe.

Job Profile:

We are hiring European and American Industrial Designers with bachelor of science majored in industrial design or artistic designing, at least 3 years of experience in famous company.

Job Details:

Key Responsibilities

• Work collaboratively with product development teams composed of design engineers, sales and marketing professionals for our new products.

• Create and develop concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance of our products for the mutual benefit of the user and manufacturer by collecting and analyzing user data

• Perform competitive bench-marking to identify and assess best of breed designs

• Collaborate with team members to iteratively visualize new product concepts through sketches, storyboards, and physical models


• Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design or Artistic Designing

• At least 3 years of experience in famous company

• Demonstrated skills with 2D and 3D design tools such as Solid Edge, Pro-E, Solidworks, Adobe CS, Corel, etc.

• Understand those aspects of the product that relate most directly to human characteristics, needs and interests – visual, tactile, safety & convenience

• Highly fashionable, keenly aware, detail driven person

• Good communication skills, and be able to communicate with clients well to correctly interpret what they want in their design project

• Foreign Candidate, proficiency in English or Mandarin

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