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English Teacher, Public School, March 2021(J2001062)
Posted 1 days ago by WaiDgao

Contract (1 year) Beijing, China Competitive Salary

-The class hours: shall not be less than 10 lessons per week. -A two-day weekend system shall be implemented. -Each lesson is 40-45 minutes. -Location: Dashanzi and Gaojiayuan area of Chaoyang district Beijing

1 days ago

English Teacher(J2001248)
Posted 21 days ago by WaiDgao

Contract (1 year) Guangzhou Guangdong, China Competitive Salary

●Positions Opening: 1. Foundation English Teacher 2. Business English Teacher ●Work Start: March, 2021 ●Job details: 1. Types of job: Full-time 2. Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 3. Students: undergraduates 4. Workload: 18 periods of classes each week, 40 minutes each period

21 days ago

English Teacher(J2001244)
Posted 23 days ago by WaiDgao

Contract (1 year) Hangzhou; Shenzhen; Ningbo; Shanghai, China Competitive Salary

-Contract: • Working Hours: 40 working hours based on 5 days/week, 8 hours/day. (2 days off during weekdays) • Teaching Up to 100 (no more than 25 per week). During peak seasons (July and/or August, January February) there may be 20% raise in teaching according center needs. • Length of Contract: Prefer Two-year renewable contract with two-month probation. Salary for second-year is the first-year performance and evaluation. -Class: • Class Size: 4-12 ...

23 days ago

Kindergarten Foreign English Teacher & Academic Coordinator(J2000944)

Contract (1 year) Guangdong, China RMB/Month 14,000 - 20,000

1.We are looking for an enthusiastic and committed English Teacher to join our Foreign group. 2.the candidate will need have experience of working in the prep school a real passion supporting learning development young children. 3.This is part-time position which commence immediately minimum duration 6 months. And there possibility that role continue right candidate, could lead competitive offer permanent placement. ...

on Dec 08, 2020

CEP Primary English Teacher(J2000946)

Contract (1 year) Guangdong, China RMB/Month 14,000 - 20,000 teach non-native speaker English using specific materials ; 2. Supports the vision, mission and philosophy of school; 3. Represents school in a positive manner both inside outside school; 4. Participates all collaborative planning meetings; 5. Reflects on own teaching learning shares collaboration meetings; 6. Works with parents community to promote Primary Years Program; 7. Collects up students at start day brings down end day, are supervised ...

on Dec 08, 2020

AP English Teacher(J2000947)

Contract (1 year) Guangdong, China RMB/Month 24,000 - 30,000

This is a full time position for an AEP ELA Teacher. •Responsible the teaching of English 3 and 4 in American high school subjects •Responsible integration various EAP/ELA academic courses •Counselor who also student club •Responsible organization counseling student-related subject competitions •Provide letters recommendation to students when needed •Complete other matters assigned by superior needed ...

on Dec 08, 2020

Full-Time English Teacher(J2001225)
Posted on Nov 23, 2020 by WaiDgao

Contract (1 year) Shanghai, China RMB/Month 18,000 - 26,000

●Salary:18K- 26KRMB ●Housing subsidy:2000RMB ●Location:Shanghai

on Nov 23, 2020

Foreign English Teacher(J2001212)
Posted on Nov 08, 2020 by WaiDgao

Project Beijing, China Competitive Salary

Full-time English teacher position, starting ASAP ● You will have a five-day workweek. The daily hours are 8:00-11:30 am (with lunch break) then 14:00-17:30 pm. ● Your classes range from 18 to 25 students, depending on age. ● be provided with: - Ongoing training - Teaching materials and resources - Opportunities for advancement according your skills interests ● Location: Xibahe Dongli, Chaoyang, Beijing (Near the third ring road in business area) 8mins ...

on Nov 08, 2020

English Teacher(J2001204)
Posted on Nov 02, 2020 by WaiDgao

Contract (1 year) Shijiazhuang Hebei, China Competitive Salary

●Arrival Time: ASAP ●Student Age: 15-18 years old (grade 9-12) ●Class Size: 25 maximum ●Work Time: 7.5 hours per day, Monday to Friday (including office hours) ●Certification: TEFL/TESOL/CELTA ●Experience: Have high school teaching experience, or have taught junior and senior high school age students in training institutions

on Nov 02, 2020

Full-Time English Teacher(J2001202)
Posted on Oct 31, 2020 by WaiDgao

Contract (1 year) Shanghai, China RMB/Month 28,000 - 34,000

【Location】 Hailun Road Station. Hongkou District, Shanghai 【School Type】 Education Technology Co., Ltd. 【Course/Textbook】 Self-edited textbook 【Number of existing foreign teachers】 2 【Student age】3-8 years old 【Weekly shift hours/working hours】 8 hours 【Closed every week】 2 days (Paid annual leave 5 days) 【Number recruits】2 【Type teachers】Children teaching 【Position/Teaching Subject】Overseas Project Consultant 【Teaching ...

on Oct 31, 2020