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The Spring Foreign Expert Project Matchmaking Conference

Jan 06, 2021


Happy New Year to you! We are now planning the upcoming Spring Foreign Expert Project Matchmaking Conferences in China. If you are currently residing in China and open to look at new opportunities, please sign up to join us!

About the Project Matchmaking Conference:

1. Promote cooperation between foreign experts and the local companies.

2. Discuss specific local business-related issues which could be resolved by foreign expertise.

3. Identify specific projects able to be contracted out to foreign experts and enterprises.

4. Launch a platform from which best practices for creative problem-solving methods can be shared.

5. Foster an open policy of cooperation for future opportunities.

The conference is intended to connect local companies with international talent for a win-win cooperation. Both experts and companies will benefit from this valuable opportunity to discuss partnership and potentially sign contracts. Your participation will be highly valued and appreciated.

Industry list for matchmaking:

1. Environmental pollution prevention

2. High-end machinery manufacturing

3. AI, Internet of things, Blockchain, Big data

4. Electron industry; Computer science

5. Food science, Fruit and vegetables produce, Agriculture

6. Intelligent manufacturing

7. Industrial robot

8. Automotive engineering

9. New energy

10. Building materials

11. Material science: New materials, Metallic materials, Polymer material

12. Biological drug research and development


This event is by invitation only.

Applicants are able to make themselves eligible for selection by submitting their resume and completed foreign expert competence form, indicating that they are able to attend the onsite event or only be available online for a virtual meeting.

For the experts onsite, air tickets and hotels will be provided.

If you are interested in this conference, please kindly send your resume to

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