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WaiDgao is Announcing the 1st English Educator Event

Jun 19, 2020


By WaiDgao

Applying for English teaching jobs in China can be very taxing, especially during the ongoing pandemic. The Chinese borders are closed, many schools have shut down, reduced staff or cut salaries. All of these circumstances have made the process of gathering your documents, sending in your resume, attending interviews, or teaching those dreaded demo lessons very difficult. WaiDgao, one of Foreign HR’s subsidiaries, is now providing a solution utilizing their 11 years of industry experience and cutting-edge technology. The event will benefit not only you, but also the schools that are desperately seeking teachers during the current pandemic-induced teacher shortage. We would like to invite qualified teachers who currently have a work visa or are qualified to obtain a work visa and who are currently located in China to join our first-ever English Educator Event. The event will be held on Zoom. For teachers who are currently outside of China, we will organize another English educator event at a later date.

How it will be conducted

1. Forward your CV and a general video introduction, along with your expectations and preferences regarding potential job offers.

2. WaiDgao will send your teacher profile to the schools and the employers will select the teachers they’re most interested in. WaiDgao will then collect their questions and send them to you.

3. WaiDgao will organize a zoom event whereby the candidates will share any information requested by the schools and give a short demo lesson to 3-5 hiring teams from different schools.

4. Schools interested in hiring the teachers will follow up with the candidates after the event supported by WaiDgao.

How this benefits you (and the schools)

Normally, if you’re looking for a teaching position in China, you’ll need to do a demo lesson for each school separately. Thanks to WaiDgao and their English Educator Event, you will be able to perform a single demo lesson for a group of schools. This will allow you to complete the final steps of the application process for a handful of schools that fit your expectations and specifications. This is a rare opportunity to drastically increase your chances of securing a position by spending an afternoon on a video call conference, rather than spending weeks scheduling individual interviews and demo lessons.

The schools will enjoy the convenience of observing multiple teachers’ demo lessons within a very short time frame. They will be able to coordinate immediately and have timely follow-up correspondence with teachers who fit their requirements.

Requirements for teachers:

1. The applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and 2 or more years of teaching experience or a 120-hour teaching certificate like TEFL (there are exceptions to some cities in Shandong, Guangdong, etc., please send your inquiries to the WaiDgao team).

2. An updated CV and introduction video to show to the schools

3. The ability to participate in this event and commit to the timeframe organized by WaiDgao.

4. Professional attire and demeanor (we want you to be selected)

5. Respect the Chinese employment law and regulations

Requirements for the schools and companies attending

1. Every school must be legally registered and capable of providing work visas for new hires.

2. A formal contract must be available for prospective hires to view.

3. The company or school must have a positive reputation in China’s foreign teachers’ community.

4. Members of each school or company’s hiring team must be able to communicate in English.

5. Each school must verify their ability to provide the contact information of previous or current foreign employees, which can and will be provided to prospective new hires upon request.

How to participate:

If you’re interested in participating in our English Educator Event, send your resume and introduction video to We’ll reach out to you with the anticipated date for this event and further instructions on how to prepare.

We look forward to helping you secure your next position and hope to make the process as easy as possible for you.

If you have any suggestions or if you want to join the WaiDgao team for this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

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