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CJD Employer Exposition: Houhai English

Jun 17, 2019


The start of the summer is here! That means that the best teaching openings in China are available, and schools of all types are accepting applications, setting up interviews, and sending out contracts for teachers to sign.

Currently, a prestigious private language center in Beijing called Houhai English (named after the very famous lake in the Xicheng District of Beijing) is searching for twenty qualified, enthusiastic teachers to work at their new learning centers. CJD has helped a handful of teachers secure a job at Houhai, and those teachers have reported back to let us know that they are having a wonderful time. (You can read more about the personal experience of one of those teachers here). In order to provide you with more information about Houhai English, we reached out to their executive principal, Martin.

CJD: When was Houhai English started? Where is it located? How many employees do you have?

Martin: Houhai English was established seven years ago in April of 2012. The company has several central locations in Beijing and has around 150 employees. Through seven years of intensive cultivation, Houhai has accumulated scientific, effective, and long-term verified English training methods. These methods have given us a reputation that has attracted many outstanding students, ranging from primary school to junior high school. At Houhai, we help students by providing in-depth English reading training, along with unique and effective solutions for students to improve their conversational and written English.

CJD: How many foreign employees does your school have? Where are they from?

Martin: We have 50-plus teachers from the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa.

CJD: Describe your school’s educational philosophy.

Martin: Houhai’s mission is to provide high-quality English classes to young people in small, student-centered classes. Our philosophy aims to maximize our students’ comprehensive English abilities by improving their reading and to help students master all English language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) through 15 levels of advanced courses. The school insists on simple values with the goal of teaching students to read deeply. Our primary objective is to bring lifelong benefits to our students as they develop academically.

CJD: What do you look for in potential teachers?

Martin: We look for enthusiastic, positive, and qualified English teachers who have a genuine desire to teach young learners between the ages of five and sixteen years old at our modern language schools in Beijing.

CJD: Is there anything special you would like to share about your school’s work environment? Classroom settings?

Martin: Our school’s work environment is fun and we do our best to make our foreign teachers feel like they are part of a family. We have professional development every Thursday and a team lunch every Friday.

CJD: What are some of the challenges your teachers face in their daily work?

Martin: Missing home is something I have seen teachers struggle with. Some teachers also have frustrations with their inability to read Chinese, but this doesn’t mean they can’t live in China. In Beijing it is very easy to live comfortably without being able to read the language. Beijing also has a large expat community with many places for our teachers to meet with fellow expats and enjoy some of the cuisines of their home countries.

CJD: What are the best parts of working with your company?

Martin: Comparatively, our school is one of the larger language schools in Beijing. The reason I wish to mention the size is that in many big companies, you won’t find top management working closely with the employees. At Houhai, teachers work closely with top management; from the CEO, to middle management, to our entry-level teachers. Everyone at Houhai is part of a close-knit team. The CEO knows our teachers by their names. There is also a ‘caring culture’ that we foster at our company and personal connection that we strive to build with our employees. Working with Houhai English is not just a job that pays well, but it’s also one that gives satisfaction to the employees and allows them to grow professionally as educators.

CJD: What current job openings do you have available?

Martin: We are currently hiring English teachers for our schools based in Beijing. We have 14 centers around Beijing. As we grow, so does the need for new teachers. Currently we have over 20 positions open for qualified teachers.

CJD: Describe your application process. What advice do you have for teachers looking to work with you?

Martin: To apply to teach at Houhai English, applicants should send us the following documents, and we will contact them within one workday: a cover letter, resume, their degree certificate, a recent photo, their preference for teaching young learners or adults (if the teacher has a preference), and an intended start date.

Houhai is an excellent school for both seasoned teachers and those who are new to the field of education. They offer great support to their employees and have excellent locations in Beijing that are looking to hire new teachers ASAP. Would you be interested in speaking to Houhai English about a potential position? If so, please reach out to me at

By: Ted Salonek

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