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Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents - Guangzhou


Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents

December 21-22, 2018

Guangzhou, China


Under the theme of "Wisdom - Innovation - Win-win", with the goal of attracting more overseas talent and local students with foreign university degrees to work in China, the Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talent (CEOS) will be held in Guangzhou city from December 21 to 22.

The overseas talent will include Nobel Prize winners, famous experts and academicians, high-level personnel of major companies, and outstanding overseas students.

Delegates from universities and academic institutes, investors, and recruitment agencies in China will also attend the large-scale talent exchange platform.

Activities such as job fairs, forums on high-end talent and science, and meetings on innovation and startup business will be held at the convention.

Who can attend

  • Graduates with a bachelor's degree or higher from overseas universities
  • Students currently studying at the bachelor's level and above in the a top 200-ranked overseas university
  • University graduates who have earned a masters degree or above at a Chinese university
  • Highly skilled individuals


Date & Time
Friday - Saturday, December 21-22, 2018

China Import and Export Fair Complex (380 Yuejiangzhong Road, Guangzhou, China) (Main venue)
Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center (1039-1045 Baiyun Avenue South, Guangzhou) (Parallel Session)


Overseas Talents (approx. 3500 people)

  • Nobel prize winners
  • academicians
  • experts from universities and research institutes
  • entrepreneurs from high-tech industry
  • senior or intermediate management or technical specialists from famous enterprises
  • international students who have obtained a master's degree or above from Chinese colleges and universities
  • overseas highly skilled talents
Domestic Delegates (about 5000 people)
  • Relevant ministries and commissions of the state council
  • leaders of the Guangdong provincial party committee and provincial government
  • representatives of provinces, cities, universities, and research institutions in China
  • domestic service associations for overseas students
  • representatives of entrepreneurial parks
  • famous entrepreneurs
  • experts and scholars in China
  • venture capital institutions and investors
  • business representatives participating in scientific and technological achievements exhibition, transaction, talent exchanges, recruitment and other activities
  • domestic mainstream media, talent, science and technology, financial media.

Talent Recruitment
There will be recruitment zones/job fair zones at the convention in order to facilitate meetings and interviews between overseas talents and global top 500 companies, public institutions, colleges and universities, research institutions, finance organizations, etc., with a focus on next generation information technology, artificial intelligence, bio-medicine, new energy, new materials and other key industries.
  • Fortune 500 Firms Recruitment zone
  • Domestic Universities Recruitment zone
  • Enterprises and institutions Recruitment zone
  • Overseas Talents Job Fair
  • Global “Hundred-City Campaign” Job Fair for Overseas Talents
  • Job Fair for Foreign Students in China

Field Visits
  • Overseas talents visit entrepreneurship parks - There will be organized trips for overseas talents to visit entrepreneurship and industrial parks in various cities in Guangdong, enabling communication and negotiation of new projects.
  • Overseas experts visit enterprises - Top overseas experts in all fields will visit leading enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, including GAC Group, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Guangzhou University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. for the purpose of communication and exchange.


Check out the official event website for more information and to register.

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