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Increase the Ease of Coming to China for Foreign Businesspeople?

Aug 14, 2020


By China Jobs Daily

The Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Further Ensuring Stabilization of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investments

Guobanfa 〔2020〕No. 28

As the international epidemic is continuing spreading and the world economic fell into a serious recession, foreign trade and foreign investments in China face complicated and daunting challenges. To further implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping regarding stabilizing the base of foreign trade and foreign investments, carry out the decisions and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, ensuring “six aspects of stabilization”, implement the “six safeguards” tasks, further intensify the efforts to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investments, and stabilize the main body of foreign trade and industry chain and supply chain, with the consent of the State Council, several development opinions are hereby brought forward.

In particular, favorable signals have also been brought to foreign business businesspeople. Article 11 of the “Opinions” points out the need to increase the ease of coming to China for foreign businesspeople. While strictly carrying out the epidemic containment requirements, continue to discuss with related countries about establishing a “fast channel” to provide convenience for much-needed intercourses of important business, logistics, production and technical service personnel of foreign trade and foreign-funded companies. Continue to fully implement the “fast channel” for eligible foreigners who come to China for resumption of work and production. By reference to practices related to “fast channel”, make facilitating arrangements for foreigners who come to China for necessary economic, trade, scientific, technological and other activities following the principle of “putting epidemic prevention first, ensuring necessity, effectively fulfilling responsibilities and embodying convenience”. Support local governments to open dedicated channels in light of the characteristics of procurement and trade practices of local markets, facilitate foreign businesses to make purchases in the markets and make preferential arrangements for foreign businesspeople residing in China to come back to China for market entry as soon as possible. While ensuring epidemic containment, gradually restore the personnel intercourses between China and foreign countries in an orderly manner. According to the arrangements under the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, increase the total number of international passenger flights and appropriately increase the number of flights to China’s main sources of investment to facilitate foreign businesspeople to come to China, provided that the epidemic prevention certificates are complete.(Local people’s governments, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, National Immigration Administration and Civil Aviation Administration shall divide the work according to respective duties)

And we expect that the visits of foreigners to China will gradually return to normal very soon and not only the foreign businesspeople but also foreign students and migrant workers can continue their lives in China.


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