Beijing Shida High School Company Overview

Beijing, China
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Beijing Shi Da High School was a private high school established in 2001. It is located in Fragrant Hill green area with a 27.18-acre campus. There are more than 2000 students and a team of 150 faculties. The teaching facilities are multi-media oriented. The motivation to establish Shi Da High School came from the blueprint of the High School Attached to Capital Normal University, which is the key school in Beijing well-known as the first model school of modernization. In order to make a better and wide use of the good education resources in High School Attached to CNU, High School Attached to CNU dispatched Zhang Guoxi, who was the principal responsible for teaching affairs of the school, to establish a private high school to enroll more well-round students, better preparing them for applying to High School Attached to CNU. This school is Beijing Shi Da High School.

Shi Da made a series of record in graduate’s enrollment rankings for both high school entrance tests and college entrance tests in Beijing. The average score of our first middle school graduates in 2004 was ranked Top 2 in Haidian District, only after the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. The school‘s overall performances in Haidian District high school entrance exam had been ranking Top 3-Top 5 in consecutive years. Starting from 2006, Shi Da High School began to recruit high school students. Over the years, more than 90% of the graduates was admitted to university, and there are many outstanding students attended the world famous university of the United States,Britain and other countries. The excellent work done by these high school students approved Shi Da High School’s strong teaching competence and its good student management approach.

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