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Guide to payment services in China

Welcome to China! Now, you have a number of payment options at your fingertips while in China, ranging from mobile payments to bank cards and cash. Please follow this guide to find out more.

Support with Job Searching and Work Permit

Unfortunately, many companies during the covid-19 situation have to decide to dismiss part of their international employees. Some of them go back to their home countries, while some stay in China.

Need Support with Job Searching and your Work Permit?

Foreign nationals who choose to work in China naturally have many questions and concerns, but none are as critical, and common, as those about the work permit. Whether it’s your first time working in China or you are changing jobs from one co

Chinese garden buildings

The construction of ancient Chinese garden buildings is mostly closely related to enjoyment of life.The generations of craftsmen have artificially designed and constructed natural and beautiful scenery and embellished the environment. They have accumulated rich experience and formed unique styles of traditional culture and art.

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