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Employers are not the Sole Arbiter of Liquidated Relationship Damages

There are two situations where the employer provides special training for the employees and stipulates that the employee has an obligation via the ‘Business Strife Limitation Clause,. Otherwise the employer shall not require that the employee shall bear the liquidated damages. It is illegal for the employer to agree on liquidated damages by itself.

Most Powerful Visa to China During the Pandemic

The R Visa policy was initially published as early as November 28, 2017, by the formal State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, which is now the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Public Security. And this topic seems not brand new but it's worthy to post in a more explanatory way

Opportunities in China for Retired Professionals

Not only does China intend to bring in more foreign professionals to aid in the rebuilding of the economy, but it also plans to hire foreign professionals previously deemed to be above the maximum age limit of 60.

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