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Foreign Expert Consultancy​

Shandong, China​

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Pay Rate
Competitive Salary

Years of Experience
Experienced(10+ Years)

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TRB Retainer Expert

Posted on Nov 24, 2023
Foreign Expert Consultancy
Shandong, China

About Company:

This Chinese company specializes in scientific research, production, and operation of new and fine chemical materials, mainly for power chemicals. It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to power engineering protection, special coatings, and industrial cleaning.

Job Profile:

This position is a project-based consultancy job.

Job Details:
  • Responsible for the feasibility review before the development of TRB keeper, process development and mold design work;
  • Independently solve the product from the development and design to assembly debugging until the process of mass production of technical problems;
  • Responsible for quality improvement in the process of product manufacturing and feedback on customer quality problems;
  • Responsible for technical innovation and process improvement, constantly improving process level and production efficiency, reducing costs;
  • Responsible for the promotion of TRB once punching process development, no edge process development and promotion and new automatic production line planning and assistance in construction;
  • Participate in the development and optimization of the technology development management process and for the new technology to develop appropriate technical standards for mold development.
  • More than five years TRB keeper mold design experience, proficient in TRB keeper mold design and processing technology;
  • Can independently design complex composite mold, multi-station mold, and other complicated products;
  • Familiar with the performance of conventional materials (e.g., SPCC, DCO3, DD12, etc.) as well as the development process and program documents;
  • Experienced in the bearing design, can be based on some bearing parameters, to provide maintenance design program and feasibility verification and analysis, bearing improvement has some improvement ability.
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