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Job Summary

Foreign HR​

Tirupati, India​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
Competitive Salary

Job Reference Code

Indian Civil Engineer

Posted on Dec 27, 2020
Foreign HR
Tirupati, India

About Company:

It was founded 35 years ago and has become one of the world's largest consumer electronics companies over the years. It is now ranked 2nd globally in terms of product shipment in volume. The group has 75,000 employees, 28 Research and Development laboratories and 22 production sites. While they are first and foremost TV designers, they also produce a wide range of home appliances: Blu-ray players, tablets, fridges, washing machines, and Audio products. This company operates in more than 80 countries and markets its products in more than 160 countries. Whether our customers live in the United States, Brazil, China, Germany or elsewhere, they can enjoy their products and technologies.

Job Profile:

Job Requirements:
1. Male, aged 25-40, college degree or above, major in industrial and civil construction, architecture or related;
2. Proficient in computer drawing and office software, self-owned computer, AUTOCAD, project and other software;
3. Resident on site, at least 5 years working experience in industrial plant or construction, able to handle emergencies, working experience in Chinese-funded enterprises preferred;
4. Strong communication and coordination skills, proficient in English communication and letter writing, good health;
5. No bad habits and complicated social relations.

Job Details:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for effective quality, schedule, civilized construction management, contract execution and information management during the construction period of the project;

2. Review construction drawings for project construction: master the dimensions, elevation, quality, material specifications and other requirements of design drawings; participate in technical disclosure and joint review of drawings;

3. Strictly supervise the construction quality of the project construction according to the contract, design drawings and relevant specifications, participate in the inspection and acceptance of concealed works, and carry out the quality inspection, acceptance and evaluation of sub-items together with relevant units of the project construction;

4. Strictly examine the contact sheet and visa for project changes during the construction period, and timely issue the visa after submitting it to all levels for approval according to the company's regulations;

5. Follow up the implementation of the weekly and monthly construction progress plan. If there is any deviation between the actual construction progress and the planned progress, the construction unit shall be required to make decomposition and adjustment to ensure the implementation of the construction progress of the project as planned;

6. Solve the design and construction problems in the project construction and the foreign-related relations of civil engineering;

7. Urge the construction unit to do a good job in safety prevention and civilized construction at the construction site;

8. Responsible for the completion acceptance and maintenance management coordination of the construction project.

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