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Foreign Expert Consultancy​

Shandong, China​

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Competitive Salary

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FRP Bar Expert

Posted on Feb 27, 2024
Foreign Expert Consultancy
Shandong, China

About Company:

Our company, as a manufacturer, focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and selling of Fiber Reinforced Polymer bar(FPR bar), as well on supplying solutions for its engineering applications, with an annual production Capacity of 1.6 million meters.

Job Profile:

Nature of activity requested (project description)

For making FRP bars have a fracture elongation similar to that of steel bars in engineering applications, we need to know how to use pseudo-ductility theory to design and manufacture hybrid fiber FRP bars with a fracture elongation greater than 4%.

Job Details:
Assignment target
1. The technical scheme and key process technology for making the fracture elongation of pseudo-ductile FRP bar greater than 4%.
2.The techniques for controlling the cure ratio of FRP bar not less than 95% during manufacturing.

3.The techniques for elimination of the uneven stress caused by the difference velocity  inside and outside at the bending place during manufacturing bent bar.

Expert qualification required (area of expertise, language, technical patent, etc.)
Area of expertise:Civil engineering and/or Science of material
Language: English
Technical achievement: Having a related patent of FRP bar at least,or publishing papers related to  on SCI or EI journals.

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