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Beijing Catalogue of Urgent and Shortage Jobs for Foreign Talent

Jan 22, 2023


Beijing Catalogue of "Urgent and Shortage" Jobs for Foreign Talent

(Released on Jan 6, 2023, by the Ministry of Science and Technology. If you are interested in any of the positions, please send your resume to for more details.)

I. Next-generation Information Technology

· 5G Technology Development Engineer

· Cloud Computing Engineering Specialist

· Quantum Communications R&D Engineer

II. Integrated Circuits

· EDA Tools Development Engineer

· Integrated Circuit Materials R&D Engineer

· Chip Design Engineer

III. Intelligent Equipment

· Scientific Instrument Manufacturing Engineer

· Electrical and Electronic Engineering Specialist

IV. New Materials

· New Materials R&D Engineer

V. Software and Information Services

· Industrial Automation Engineer

· Basic Software Development Engineer

· Systems Architect

· Blockchain R&D Engineer

· Privacy Computing Platform Researcher

VI. Artificial Intelligence

· Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Engineer

VII. New Energy Smart Cars

· Battery Technology Development Engineer

VIII. Medicine & Health

· Biological New Drug Development Engineer

· Brain Science Researcher

IX. Technology Services

· IP Services Specialist

X. Business Services

· International Trade Dispute Resolution Specialist

XI. Architecture

· Mechatronics Specialist

· Green Building Engineer

XII. Finance

· International Trade Finance Specialist

XIII. Education

· Basic Science and Applications Senior Research Fellow in Innovation

XIIII. Health Care

· Clinical Clinician

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