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Chinese language HSK4 classes now available online and in person

Oct 29, 2021



HSK 四级课程,适用于已经通过HSK三级考试的学生,使用HSK4标准课程,分为上下两册,共有20个话题。每个话题五课时。另外还有相应的练习册,以及模拟试题讲解。

The HSK Level 4 course is suitable for students who have passed the HSK Level 3 exam. The HSK4 standard course is divided into two volumes, with a total of 20 topics. Five lessons per topic. There are also corresponding workbooks and explanations of simulated test questions.

1简单的爱情Simple love

2真正的朋友True friends

3经理对我印象不错The manager has a good impression of me

4不要太着急赚钱Don't be too anxious to make money

5只买对的,不买贵的Only buy the right ones, not the expensive ones

6一分钱一分货You get what you pay for

7最好的医生是自己The best doctor is yourself

8生活中不缺少美There is no lack of beauty in life

9阳光总在风雨后The sun is always after the wind and rain

10幸福的标准Standards of happiness

11读书好,读好书,好读书It is good to read , read goodbooks and like reading

12用心发现世界Discover the world with your heart

13喝着茶看京剧Watching Peking opera with tea

14保护地球母亲Protect Mother Earth

15教育孩子的艺术The art of educating children

16生活可以更美好Life can be better

17人与自然Man and Nature

18科技与世界Technology and the World

19生活的味道The taste of life

20路上的风景Scenery on the road


Note: One-on-one courses will be adjusted according to the situation of the students.

二、学习教材  Learning materials:


"HSK4 Standard Course" and workbook

三、学习特点  Learning features:

课程内容重点讲解HSK 四级的词汇以及重点语法。

The course content focuses on explaining the vocabulary and key grammar of HSK Level 4.

四、授课平台   teaching platform

       腾讯会议        Tencent meeting

       ZOOM会议      ZOOM meeting

       北京线下教学   Beijing offline teaching

五、我们开设了HSK 1-6 级的全部课程课程,满足不同水平学生的需求。
We offer all courses of HSK level 1-6 to meet the needs of students of different levels.

Interested to join us, scan the QR code and get more details!

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