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Start Teaching in China Cost-Free and Headache-Free with WDG!

Oct 07, 2019


Teaching in China is an excellent option for both prospective and seasoned teachers. When you begin to explore the possibilities, its common to become overwhelmed with the selection of cities, schools, agencies, and job offers. Finding the perfect job in the perfect city can be a daunting task, especially when you’ve never been to China and your knowledge of its layout is limited. On top of the complicated process involved with deciding where you want to take your career, you’ll need to figure out how to properly prepare your documents for a Z visa application, and how you’ll pay for the processing of those documents.

At Waidgao (WDG), we’ve come to the realization that the entry fees of teaching abroad have gotten too expensive, and the costs incurred from getting a TEFL, collecting and authenticating documents, applying for a work visa, and getting a flight to China can be too much for the average person. In response to the cost-related woes that potential teachers are facing, we plan to give qualified individuals upfront financial assistance with the various requirements for obtaining a Chinese work visa and relocating to China.

Not only will the WDG team provide you with top-notch job options in China’s most prestigious cities, we’ll also help you with the entire process of teaching abroad, from start to finish.

Who We Are

WDG is an educational division of Foreign HR (FHR), a Beijing-based foreign professional recruitment company founded in 2008. We have the best selection of job options in China, hands down. Our company has operated within the foreign talent industry for over 12 years and has worked ceaselessly to form trusted relationships with China’s best employers. We have positions within the education field that fit every level of experience, from first-year ESL teachers to seasoned educators who are interested in educational administration.

By working with WDG to find your next position in education, you’re not only getting the best opportunity for yourself; you’re partnering with an agency that will advocate for you every step of the way. We are tenaciously working to set ourselves apart from the rest of the recruitment industry by putting our candidates first in every way.

If you plan to work in China, WDG is your best option. We have a team of dedicated individuals who will help you prepare and submit your applications, schedule your interviews, finalize your work agreements, and acquire your work visa.

Our assistance doesn’t stop there. At WDG, we understand that the experience of working abroad can be overwhelming, and we don’t want you to go through it alone! Our dedicated team will assist you with finding housing (if needed), along with the final processes of registering with the local government and acquiring your work permit once you’ve arrived and settled down in your new country of residence. We will also stand by and help you with any contractual or work-related issues that arise and will be a source of guidance and information throughout your stay in China.

What We Offer

Let’s say you’ve looked into teaching in China, read a multitude of expats’ amazing experiences of teaching in China on various forums, browsed a few of the many ESL job boards, and found a handful of positions that look perfect for you! After this, you looked into the costs of TEFL certification, document authentication, visa applications, and a flight to China, only to feel discouraged about the exorbitant expenses required to teach abroad. Never fear! WDG is willing to help you financially and guide you through every part of the process!

That’s right. If you take a job through us, we’ll cover all expenses related to TEFL certification, document authentication, visa applications, and even your flight to China!

What We’ll Do for You

  1. Collect your resume, passport, and degree
  2. Inquire about what kind of job you’re looking for (and which locations you find attractive)
  3. Evaluate your qualifications and interests, then send you a custom-tailored selection of jobs
  4. Organize your interviews with employers who are interested in hiring you
  5. Once you’ve secured a position, we’ll send you a simple agreement confirming your partnership with WDG
  6. Assist you with your document preparation and visa application
  7. Facilitate the arrangement of your flights and your arrival in China
  8. Assist you with arranging accommodation and final registration with local government agencies
  9. Partner with your new employer to complete your orientation and on-boarding process
  10. Follow up with you regularly and be a source of guidance, every step of the way!

Reach Out to WDG Today!

If you’re thinking about teaching in China, there’s no better time than now to put your applications in. Take the time to reach out to WDG and see what we have available! We are working daily to compile the most impressive job list for foreign professionals in mainland China, and we unquestionably have a position that works for you!

If you have any questions about what Waidgao or the Foreign HR team can do for you, send me an email at

Your adventure in China is waiting!

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