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Most Powerful Visa to China During the Pandemic

Jul 21, 2021


Many cities in China are now increasingly opening up and attaching more importance to foreign talents. More and more high-level foreign talents have acquired their R visas and benefited a lot from them. Especially during the pandemic, the R visa holders have easier access to get into China. However, many foreign friends still have no idea about R Visa.

Here is helpful information about R Visa. Eligible foreign talents, welcome to apply for it. If you do have any questions about this R visa, please don't hesitate to leave us a message.

What is R Visa?
R Visa, i.e. talent visa (R is short for "Ren Cai", the Chinese "人才", means talent), one of the various Chinese visas, is specially designed for high-level foreign talents and talented personnel in short supply needed for Chinese social and economic development.

Who can apply for R Visa?
R Visa is issued to high-level foreign talents and talented personnel in short supply needed for Chinese social and economic development, and scientists, leading talents in S&T field, international entrepreneurs, professionals, talents of high skills, etc. in line with requirements for urgently-needed talents in high-grade, advanced & cutting-edge technology and market demand. To get an R Visa, foreign applicants should meet the conditions of high-level foreign talents (Category A) according to the Evaluation Criteria for Foreigners Working in China (Trial).

How long will the R Visa application take?
A Confirmation Letter for High-Level Foreign Talents will be issued within five business days at most and an R Visa can be issued soonest on the second day after the application.

What are the advantages of R Visa?
1. The longest validity term: The visa is valid for 5-10 years and allows multiple entries.
2. The longest duration of stay: An R Visa bearer may stay for 180 days at most within each validity term, which allows the longest period of stay for each entry among all kinds of visas.
3. Free application: Foreign talents and their family can enjoy exemption from payment for visas and express service.
4. Same favorable treatment for dependents: Spouses and minor children of foreign talents can apply for corresponding multiple-entry visas with the same validity term.
5. Green Channel: Applicants for Foreigner’s Work Permit in China can.

Can I apply for this R Visa?
Please send us your resume to and we will evaluate if you are qualified to use this R Visa and also provide guidance on how to obtain this visa.

Or Scan the QR code and talk to the CJD consultant for more questions.

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