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Foreign Expert Consultancy​

Zhejiang, China​

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Metal Material Expert

Posted on Feb 27, 2024
Foreign Expert Consultancy
Zhejiang, China

About Company:

After 10 years of growth, the company has developed into a specification enterprise covering an area of 12835 square meters, with more than 230 employees and total assets of 180 million (RMB).   Since the establishment of the company, in line with the principle of "sincere cooperation, common development, mutual benefit and credit first", relying on the more mature industrial chain in Yuhuan, the company has been developing rapidly and has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, CE, AGA and other product certifications. The chairman of the company, in line with the corporate culture concept of "win-win, harmony, understanding and tolerance", recruits and accommodates high-quality talents, pursues the brand strategy, and builds a high-quality, high-efficiency and dynamic management team. In order to create high-quality products, the company has established a strong scientific research team with more than fifty technicians, focusing on the humanized design of products, and taking the lead in the industry to introduce the new technology of tempering furnace, so that after forging the blank through high-temperature tempering, increasing the toughness of the product; valve seat using pure PTFE as raw materials, after special treatment, with flexible opening and closing, no jamming characteristics; sealing ring using NBR as raw materials, hardness Strict requirements, longer service life; unique product design, exquisite appearance, handle dipping plastic hand grip comfort. At the same time, the chairman of the Board of Directors, with his advanced vision and business philosophy, has integrated product design with corporate culture, and made continuous efforts in details to pursue the theme of "novel design, exquisite craftsmanship, and practical permanence", forming the "DOUBLE-LIN" brand. The inherent characteristics of the products have become a unique landscape in the industry. The strict 100% testing system before leaving the factory ensures that the qualification rate reaches 100%.

Job Profile:

The main demand of the enterprise: to solve the problem of fracture of copper valve products in the process of use and processing.

Job Details:
Seeking experts to confirm the specific causes of fracture in the use and processing of copper valve products for enterprises, and to solve the problem of raw material fracture.
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