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Job Summary


Fujian, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
Competitive Salary

Years of Experience
Experienced(2-5 Years)

Job Reference Code

Full-time ESL Teacher

Posted on Aug 15, 2022
Fujian, China

About Company:

Our client is xiamen Amoy area bureau of education official approval sample and the phase ii of the dalian software supporting kindergarten, relying on the beautiful natural environment and high quality social elite city science and technology, created for the children can follow IT elite parents to work together, to enjoy "a little more every day with" parent-child time;It also provides safe and comfortable convenience for children's outdoor teaching. Coke frog with immersion English, science and technology of enlightenment for school characteristics, pay attention to cultivate children ', thinking ability, enhance the joy of creation, imagination, learning style, pure language with let children in bilingual teaching under the environment of train their interest in language, music, art, reading, etc, according to individual differences independent guide the development of personality, independent, self-care ability. Our love, the initial heart of the park, you can rest assured and rest assured!

Job Profile:

Working time: Mon-Fri 8:30-12:00,14:00-17:30
Salary: 15-23K/month (includes end of year bonus, social and medical insurance, house allowance and other allowances)

Job Details:


  1. Native English speaker, meet the requirements of visa policy;
  2. Can accept personal photos, videos, etc. used by the kindergarten for publicity;
  3. Friendly and easy-going, know how to carry out teaching activities for children aged 0-6, and carry out phased discussions and adjustments in line with the school curriculum system;
  4. Accept the kindergarten’s work arrangements, including face-to-face communication and interaction with parents;
  5. No drug use, no criminal record, good health condition, beautiful appearance, sunshine, handsome and preferentially hired.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for English teaching;
  2. Cooperate with the kindergarten’s various work;
  3. Assist the class teacher to work;
  4. Assist the class teacher in doing the parent work;
  5. Cooperate with the kindergarten admissions promotion work.

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