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Business Chinese Elementary Course

Jul 21, 2021



Business Chinese is suitable for learners who want to improve business communication and skills. This course is based on business dialogue and communication. Through real business cases and more practical business topics, you can improve your business Chinese with Chinese people and Chinese companies.


The elementary business Chinese course is suitable for students who have learned some basic conversations and have reached the HSK level two. The course content includes 20 topics, each with 5 class hours, and a total of 100 class hours.

1. 工作电话  Make a work call

2. 打车出行Take a taxi

3. 问路方位Ask for directions

4. 语言障碍Language barriers

5. 时间表达Time Expression

6. 价格谈判Price negotiation

7. 外出就餐Eating out

8. 银行业务Banking

9. 住房问题Housing issues

10. 办公日常Office routine

11.着装礼仪Dress etiquette

12.生病就医Get sick

13.办理签证Apply for a visa


15.寻求帮助Ask for help

16.办公用品Office supplies

17.约见表达Appointment and expression

18.与人见面Meet people

19.出差订票Book tickets for business trips

20.娱乐休闲Entertainment and leisure


Learning materials: Business Chinese teaching materials


Learning characteristics: The course content focuses on business operability, and trains and improves the business Chinese level and ability of students.


Small class teaching: graded teaching according to students' Chinese level, to ensure that students can learn in courses that suit them, and improve learning efficiency.

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