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3 Great Places to Find Jobs on Social Media

Jan 03, 2020


By Ted Salonek | China Jobs Daily

There are a few common sites that many current and soon to be expats go to to find their next employer in China. Although these websites are well-established and host a wide range of job options for you to choose from, it’s an excellent idea to shop around until you find the best possible job offer. Many agencies and employers have taken to the world’s top social media sites to find new talent and many of these websites are an excellent place to find a few more jobs to add to your list of options. Let’s discuss a few places where you can browse jobs that are off the beaten path.


Although it may be difficult to access while living in the PRC, Facebook is an excellent place to shop for new job options and connect with both employers and reputable agents. A simple search for “jobs in China” or “TEFL in China” will bring you to a multitude of groups, pages, and agencies who will be able to help you land an amazing position in the Middle Kingdom. You’ll also find TEFL certification programs as well as expat groups that are dedicated to specific cities within China. A quick scroll through any of these Facebook groups will show you the email addresses, Skype usernames, and Wechat IDs of schools and agents who are looking for teachers like you! Beyond these groups and pages, Facebook has a “jobs” section where employers are able to promote their vacancies.


Whether you’re an avid user of this popular networking site or a person who hasn’t touched LinkedIn in years, it's a great place to browse for job options in many different countries. Much like Facebook, a simple search in LinkedIn’s groups for “TEFL” or “Teach Abroad” in the search bar will bring you to a long list of groups dedicated to helping those interested in teaching abroad with their journeys. Some of these groups hold nearly 300,000 people, and new positions, helpful articles, and the contact information of foreign employers are posted daily. Much like Facebook, LinkedIn has a job posting feature used by employers from all over the world. Take a look when you get the chance!


“The front page of the internet” is an excellent place to look for jobs. Threads such as r/tesoljobs and r/Chinajobs are excellent resources for those who are looking to work abroad. In my opinion, this is an underrated source of employment opportunities for those who are seeking employment in China. Many of the contributors to these Reddit streams are native-speakers who come from the same countries as the teachers they are looking to recruit, and many people find comfort in working with a westerner to find a position in China. Although the options may not be as bountiful as the websites that are solely dedicated to job posts for positions teaching abroad, these Reddit streams are definitely worth a look.

Be Careful When Using Social Media to Find Work

Although social media is an amazing tool that we’ve all benefited from, one way or another, it's wise to be vigilant when exploring job options and communicating with employers or agencies whom you’ve come in contact with via social media sites. Although an agency may be offering you an amazing position in the city of your choice, if you feel something isn’t right (i.e. they want you to work on the incorrect visa or are asking for a fee to place you in China), take your search for employment elsewhere.

If you have any questions about a company or agency you’ve been in contact with or would like to learn more about using social media to find a position in China, feel free to reach out to me at

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