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Job Summary

Beijing No.35 High School​

Beijing, China​

Job Type
Contract (1 year)

Pay Rate
Competitive Salary

Years of Experience
Experienced(2-5 Years)

Job Reference Code

Subject Teacher

Posted on Nov 16, 2022
Beijing No.35 High School
Beijing, China

About Company:

Beijing No.35 High School, which was founded in 1923. Our School is considered as one of the top schools in Beijing. International Department is a public-service international curriculum cooperation project approved by the Beijing Municipal Board of Education in June 2012 to carry out the high school curriculum integration and credit recognition between China, the United Kingdom and the United States based on a global educational vision and the modern educational concept. We run AP & A-level courses and cooperate with NCUK running IFY(International Foundation Year) which prepare students to study in British and Australian universities. Also we run ADFP(Art and Design Foundation Program), which lead our students to go to art universities in the world. Our graduates can choose not to undertake TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, and enrolled directly into second year of undergraduate studies from top universities in Britain, the United States and Australia. These rigorous curricula need qualified and effective management and staff.

Job Profile:

Subject Teachers include the Computer Science, Biology, Economics, Art subject teachers, the applicants who have experience in AP or A-level courses are preferred.

Job Details:
Job Responsibilities
1. Under the guidance of the subject group leader, improve the curriculum design of English and prepare fully for teaching; teach relevant contents of English according to the syllabus and help students to improve their ability; actively participate in the subject group seminar, share teaching experience and feedback, and fulfill relative admin responsibilities; have a sense of teamwork.
2. Manage students, including organizing classroom teaching, tracking and recording students' academic performance, effectively implementing formative assessment, organizing in-class test and examinations, etc
3. Communicate with colleagues, parents and students effectively;
4. Participate in student management and student activities;
5. Participate in various educational and teaching activities arranged by school.


1. Master of Education in TESOL/TEFL or above; have TESOL certificate
2. Have Chinese high school teaching experience
3. Have experience in AP or A-level courses;
4. Familiar with grading rubric.
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