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Shenzhen Catalogue of Urgent and Shortage Jobs for Foreign Talent

Jan 26, 2023


Shenzhen Catalogue of "Urgent and Shortage" Jobs for Foreign Talent

(Released on Jan 6, 2023, by the Ministry of Science and Technology. If you are interested in any of the positions, please send your resume to for more details.)

I. Networking & Communications

  • Electronic Communication Systems Specialist (Cable)
  • Radio Frequency Engineer

II. Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits

  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Technical Specialist
  • Analogue Circuit Design Specialist
  • Chip Packaging Engineer
  • Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) Development Engineer
  • Data Processing Unit (DPU) Development Engineer
  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Backend Software Development Engineer
  • Analogue Circuit (IC) Design Engineer
  • Smart Sensor Development Engineer
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU) Development Engineer
  • System-on-Chip Architect (SOC)
  • Process Integration Engineer
  • Integrated Circuit Packaging and Testing Engineer
  • Field Programmable Logic Gate Array Engineer (FPGA)
  • Field Application Engineer (FAE)
  • Software Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer

III. Ultra HD Video Displays

  • Ultra HD Video Display Equipment and Technology Development Specialist
  • 3D Display Equipment and Technology Development Specialist

IV. Intelligent Terminal

  • Technical Engineers
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Software Test Engineer

V. Software & Information Services

  • R&D Base Specialist
  • Engineering Specialist (Hardware, Electronics, Mechanics, Testing, Software, Embedded Software, Etc.)
  • Principal Engineer, Principal Systems Engineer (Specialising in Hardware, Electronics, Mechanics, Testing, Software, Embedded Software, Etc.)
  • Senior Expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Hosted Cloud Technical Specialist
  • Cloud Engineering Specialist
  • Cloud Computing Architects
  • Security Product Delivery Specialist
  • Information Engineering Science Specialist
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • System Architecture Designer
  • Software Engineers
  • Image Tuning Engineer (Camera Tuning)
  • Embedded Software Development Engineer
  • Industrial Intelligence Development Engineer
  • C/C++ Development Engineer
  • Full Stack Engineer

VI. Digital Creativity

  • Animation Designer (3D)
  • Binding Engineer (3D)
  • Special Effects Designer (3D)
  • Game Development Engineer (U3D)
  • Digital Creative Technical Engineer
  • Creative Designer
  • Digital Creative Graphic Designer
  • Game Numerical Planner
  • Game Product Operation and Technology Development Engineer
  • Gaming Operations and Technology Development Engineer
  • Animation Product Operation and Technology Development Engineer

VII. Modern Fashion

  • Watch Design and Precision Craftsman
  • Craftsmen in Jewelry Processing and Identification
  • Industrial Designers
  • Clothing and Apparel (including lingerie) Designers
  • Fashion Eyewear Designer

VIII. Industrial Mother Machines

  • Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Machine Tool Design Engineer
  • Simulation Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer

IX. Intelligent Robots

  • Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Robotic Arm Algorithm Engineer
  • Vision Algorithm Engineer
  • Solution Engineer
  • Software Test Engineer

X. Laser and Additive Manufacturing

  • Laser Process Engineer

XI. Precision Instrumentation

  • Finite Element Analysis Engineer
  • Avionics Systems Engineer

XII. New Energy

  • Membrane Electrode Engineer
  • Lithium Materials Research Specialist
  • Li-ion Safety Research Specialist
  • Lithium Product Development Expert
  • Lithium Product Process Expert
  • Power Supply Hardware Development Engineer

XIII. Intelligent Networked Vehicles

XIV. New Materials

  • R&D Engineer
  • Nanomaterials Synthesis Engineer
  • Nanostructure Characterization and Testing Engineer
  • Micro and Nano Processing Engineer
  • Energy Storage Materials Development Engineer
  • Heat Resistant Aluminum Alloy Development Engineer
  • Metal Matrix Composite Materials Development Engineer

XV. High-end Medical Devices

  • Medical Device R&D Engineer
  • Electronic Technology R&D Engineer

XVI. Biomedical

  • Medical Specialists
  • Lead R&D Specialist
  • New Drug Development Specialist
  • R&D Engineer
  • Clinical Pharmacology Specialist
  • Senior Optical Engineer
  • Biological Cell Research Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineering R&D Engineer
  • Cell Preparation Engineer
  • Clinical Technical Support Engineer
  • Plasmid Purification Engineer
  • Pharmaceutical Technology R&D Engineer
  • In Vitro Diagnostics IVD R&D Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Protein Engineering Research Specialist

XVII. Greater Health

  • Oncology Disease Therapist
  • Infectious Disease Therapist
  • Clinical Diagnosticians
  • Medical Technologist
  • Disease Prevention and Control Management Specialist
  • Maternal and Child Health Specialist

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